The 2019 Influenza (Flu) Season is upon us!

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Influenza, or “Flu” is a viral illness caused by a very potent virus which can cause lots of complications including pneumonia, respiratory failure and death. It contributes to 3000 of deaths in Australia every year.

It spreads quickly by droplets from close contact – from talking, coughing or sneezing. It spreads very quickly through contained space – public transport, offices, schools, residential facilities or any public places.

Symptoms of flu include: high temperature >38 degrees, aches and pains, sore throat, coughing, sneezing.

Over the last thirty years I have met lot of patients that think that they never get sick with a flu, therefore they don’t need vaccine. This is a myth!

On the other hand I have met lot of people that had Flu. Those are always first to ask, attend and have their vaccine. As they had been very sick with a flu they want to avoid getting sick again.

Everyone should get a flu shot.

Nobody is immune to flu virus. With the development of vaccine we are reducing risk of infection by increasing immune response (antibodies) to the virus /viruses. As a virus can change quickly and every season, the scientists are trying to find the most dangerous and the most common strains of viruses that may potentially affect population around the world, so they can produce the best possible vaccine to help people fight the virus so they don’t get sick. This happens every year therefore vaccine is different every year, which is why we are required to receive a flu vaccine every year.  The immune response to vaccine wears off within a few months but is usually enough to protect people during flu season.

The most commonly people with chronic illnesses, pregnant women, children and elderly (>65 years) tend to be the sickest with the flu and they get complications more often than other groups.  Australian Government subsidizes vaccinations for these groups, to see if you are eligible please call our Reception team to ask.

By giving a flu shot (flu vaccine, flu immunisation) we do not only protect ourselves, we protect disease from spreading.

At the CBD Doctors,  we have a current Quadrivalent Flu vaccine (injection) in stock. This is the latest vaccine recommended for Australian population.


Kind regards,


Dr Jelena Radosavljevic

Practice Principal, CBD Doctors Melbourne