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Message from Dr Jelena Radosavljevic

This is a important message from Dr Jelena Radosavljevic

This is the hardest time of our lives.

We are fighting an invisible enemy that has killed so many people. We are all scared with the reality, and no place on Earth has been spared.

During this terrible time for all of us, we would like to show our respect and support to ALL of our patients and also to share this journey with all Australians.

Currently many of you are working from home.
Many have lost your jobs.
Many of you are facing the most uncertain periods of your lives.
It is difficult to look after our health at the same level as before COVID-19 pandemic.

The Australian Government is introducing Tele-Health as a mode of management for everyone not only for vulnerable groups.
We understand that it will be available at the end of this week and it will be bulk billed.

We also understand the financial hardship that many Australians are facing, therefore we will be happy to assist. Ask us when you come in, or just call us ahead on 03 9077 9912.

Yes we are open if you wish to come!

We are available for teleconference if you are far or you can not come!

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