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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Testing at CBD Doctors Melbourne

CBD Doctors Melbourne is the first clinic in Melbourne CBD to offer COVID-19 (Coronavirus) drive-thru testing.

Please call 03 9077 9912 for initial tele-consultation with one of our doctors for COVID-19 screening.

The number of cases of infection with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is rising.

All states have closed their borders. Our movements are restricted to stop spreading the virus.

Although the majority of cases have been connected to overseas travel, there are still many Australians that are contracting the virus locally. Despite vigorous tracing of those in contact with infected people, for many we don’t know exactly where the infection has been contracted.

Following the restriction of international travel, the COVID-19 Department of Health criteria for testing have been loosened to allow more of the Australians to be tested, in order to control the spread of infection better.

To service this need, CBD Doctors Melbourne has opened Melbourne CBD’s first drive-thru COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing clinic.

CBD Doctors Melbourne COVID-19 (Corona virus) testing clinic

•   Book a tele-consult appointment online, or call the clinic on 9077 9912 for initial screening via tele-consult

•   A doctor will contact you via phone or video link to assess your need for testing and recommend further actions

•   If you are coming for testing, please arrive at 53 Queen Street, Melbourne at the time of your appointment, call the reception and please remain in your vehicle. You will be tested while you are in your vehicle


•   Results will be made available with 24-48 hours via phone or tele-consult

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