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Coronavirus – Is Melbourne at risk?

As has been reported in the news, the latest strain of Coronavirus has broken out in Wuhan, China – with over 800 confirmed cases at the time of writing throughout South-East Asia and as far as the United States.

Similar to previous MERS and SARS outbreaks in recent years, the Wuhan coronavirus often presents with the following symptoms –

  • Mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness
  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Possibly a headache or fever

For those with weakened immune systems (such as children or the elderly), the virus could bring on much more serious illnesses such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Precautions to avoid infection include trying to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.  Ensure you wash your hands often with soap and for at least 20 seconds.

There is no need for concern among the general public.  If you believe you have come into contact with the virus – either by visiting the Wuhan region or coming into contact with someone that has – please inform the reception team when making an appointment or when presenting at the reception desk.

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