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Coronavirus and Telehealth consultations

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Telehealth Update


LAST UPDATED: 8/4/2020

At CBD Doctors Melbourne we continue to provide face-to-face consultations under strict infection control guidelines.

CBD Doctors Melbourne also provide bulk-billed video and telephone consultations during the COVID-19 pandemic – endeavoring to help you if you are sick, are concerned that you may be infected with COVID-19 and require evaluation, and providing advice, sick certificates, reassurances, and the latest guidelines as required.

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  • If you would like to have a teleconsult with CBD Doctors Melbourne please use our online booking system

As we are all distancing from each other, while we are minimizing our movements, we are contributing to the control of COVID-19 spread.

Our health professionals are making every effort in preventing virus spread.

Deputy chief medical officer Michael Kidd and Australian Medical Association boss Tony Bartone have pleaded with people to continue seeing their GP if they have chronic health conditions.

“I know many people are very worried about leaving their own homes,” Prof Kidd said.

“But it is totally acceptable to leave your own home to attend a medical appointment, to attend a pharmacy, to get a blood test done if this is what is required.”

Chief Medical Office Professor Brendan Murphy has pleaded with patients to stop cancelling face-to-face consultations with their GPs amid reports of a slump in diagnostic tests including skin cancer biopsies and cervical cytology.

Professor Brendan Murphy says “There are lots of people with medical conditions in the community who need regular check-ups, regular review.”

“The risk is fine as long as you ring beforehand and make arrangements, and maybe seek a telehealth consult and go to the doctor if necessary.”

“Please don’t neglect general health conditions at the moment.  That is a really important message.”

The CBD Doctors Melbourne team is providing testing for Coronavirus and other viruses that can affect Australians at this time of the year.

Australian Clinical Labs, our preferred laboratory is expediting COVID-19 PCR testing within 24 hours. This is a big difference when compared to last week. Quick results reduce the time of uncertainty, which may improve general well being of our patients.

Our doctors still follow recommendation to test only patients with symptoms and proven and suspected contact in the community.

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