IUD (Intra-Uterine Device) Insertion at CBD Doctors Melbourne

At CBD Doctors we provide consultations regarding contraception.  One of the long-term contraceptive methods we promote is the IUD (Intra-Uterine Device).  Dr Filip Vukasin – who has been with our practice since it’s establishment – is a doctor experienced with performing IUD insertion, ensuring his patients have been provided with appropriate information.  Aside from IUD insertion, Dr Vukasin also performs a wide variety of other procedures at CBD Doctors Melbourne.

Below is an article from Dr Vukasin

The intra-uterine device is undergoing a resurgence thanks in large part to the improved safety related to this highly effective contraceptive.

Long gone are the frequent complications attributed to them in the 1970s – today’s copper and Mirena IUDs are safe, highly effective (over 99%), long acting (5+ years) and used in all ages, including women who have never been pregnant nor had a vaginal delivery.

The copper IUD is a good option for women who would like to avoid all hormones and are happy to continue having their natural cycle. The copper IUD works by stopping sperm from fertilising an egg, but also prevents a possibly fertilised egg from implanting into the lining of the uterus. There are two options: 5 and 10 year copper IUD. Periods can be heavier and more painful for the first year but this usually settles over time.

The Mirena IUD works in the same way as the copper IUD but in addition thickens cervical mucus, makes the uterine lining thinner and can sometimes also prevent ovulation. As such, periods usually become lighter, less painful and in about 50% of women their periods stop completely. This is a wonderful option for women who suffer from painful and heavy periods like occurs in endometriosis.

Both options are good for forgetful women; they have no interactions with other medications; and both are great options for people with IBS, in whom tummy upset can make the pill less effective.

The procedure for insertion is done with oral analgesia and without general anaesthetic in our rooms by Dr Filip Vukasin with the aid of the nurse. Removal of the IUD can be done at any time simply and painlessly.

Dr Filip Vukasin