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欢迎来到墨尔本CBD医生。我们不受年龄,背景,性别或疾病的限制。我们是一个多元文化的环境,在这里,我们会根据临床需要和文化背景为您定制护理。我们有讲普通话和广东话的医生和护士。如果您需要预约,请使用 BOOK APPOINTMENT。

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Dr Jelena Radosavljevic
Dr Jelena RadosavljevicPractice Principal
Dr Jelena Radosavljevic has mastered her family medicine expertise in South Australia prior to working at a number of successful suburban practices around Melbourne. In addition to her Fellowship of the Royal College of General Practitioners, she has also previously practised as a Palliative Care Specialist at a number of hospitals in Melbourne’s South East. She enjoys working with young families as well as managing health of patients with chronic illnesses and other complex medical requirements.
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