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Full Body Skin / Mole Checks at CBD Doctors Melbourne

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What should I expect during my Full Body Skin Check appointment?

At the beginning of your skin check appointment, we will go through a few questions before giving you a gown and ask you to dress down to your underwear. The doctor will complete a comprehensive head-to-toe skin check using a specialist handheld device called a dermatoscope.

Any spots of concern that are identified during the skin check will be photographed using a specialised Molemap dermoscopic imaging camera.

What happens after my Full Body Skin Check?

These images will be forwarded to a Dermatologist for identification and analysis if required. Within 5 business days a report will be made available, after which time a review appointment should be made at CBD Doctors Melbourne with the requesting doctor to discuss the results and any treatment required.  You will be advised of any suspicious lesions and whether it is necessary for them to be removed.  Most lesion removals can be performed at CBD Doctors Melbourne in our treatment Room.

After the review appointment, you will be provided with a copy of your results – as well as being given access to important information and education to help reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.

How much does a Full Body Skin Check cost?

The cost for a Full Body Skin Cancer check is $100 OOP (Out of pocket) for Medicare card holds.  Patients that do not hold a Medicare card will be charged $250 OOP (Out of Pocket)

The above cost covers –

– an initial consultation with a qualified doctor/melanographer

– all imaging and Dermatologist analysis if required

– a follow up with a doctor at CBD Doctors Melbourne to cover your results, within 5-10 business days

– a copy of your results to take with you

How long will a Full Body Skin Check take?

Your initial consultation and imaging (if required) will take up to 45 minutes.

A results appointment will take approximately 15 minutes.

How do I book a Full Body Skin Check?

You can click on the Book Appointment button below to make an appointment online, or alternatively call CBD Doctors Melbourne on 03 9077 9912.


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