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Tele-Health @ CBD Doctors Melbourne

Tele-health consultations is a new service being offered by CBD Doctors Melbourne which has been designed to assist both new and existing patients that are unable to attend the practice in person.

A Tele-health appointment allows the same level of care to patients that a face-to-face consultation would provide.  If a medication prescription, referral, Pathology or Diagnostic slip or medical certificate is required these will be sent digitally to the patient through the Skype messaging system.

It is important to note that in some circumstances a patient may need to be referred to an examination in person and may be asked to attend CBD Doctors Melbourne, their local GP or their local Hospital as required.

How to book a Tele-Health Consultation

Consultations can be made through our online booking engine – ensure you select ‘Tele-Health’ as the appointment type when making your booking.  If you are a new patient, you will be forwarded a New Patient Registration form to complete prior to your appointment.  This ensures the doctor has as much information made available as possible to assist with your consult.

Cost of consultation

A tele-health consultation during clinic operating hours (8am until 6pm) is $88 for a 15 minute consultation.  Please note is no Government rebate for this service.

Before your appointment

Download Skype on your mobile phone or computer –

  • Skype is a free video calling platform that CBD Doctors Melbourne use for Tele-Health consultations
  • This is requirement of having a Tele-Health appointment with one of our Doctors
  • Ensure you install the program to a smart phone, or a web-cam connected computer
  • Once you have registered for a Skype account, take down your username as this will be used in order to make a connection

Prior to your appointment have ready the following

  • The name, address, phone and fax number of your local pharmacy (in the event a prescription is required to be sent post-consultation)
  • The username for your Skype account
  • Access to your phone banking, credit or debit card details in order to pay for the consultation prior to the appointment

At the time of your appointment

You will be called at the time of your appointment by one of our Reception team, in order to take payment for your consultation over the phone.  If required, an invoice can be forwarded to your nominated email address.  You will then be asked to provide your local pharmacy details and your Skype username, which will be kept on file for future reference.

After this has been completed you will be called via Skype by your nominated doctor and the consultation will begin.  Any documentation that will be required as a result of the appointment will be generated and sent via the Skype messaging system.

Any prescriptions required must be both faxed and posted by CBD Doctors Melbourne to your nominated Pharmacy as indicated to our Reception team.  Pathology or Diagnostic Imaging (X-Ray, MRI, CT) forms must be printed/provided to your provider of choice.  Please note that these forms can be used with any pathology or diagnostic imaging provider.

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