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The 2020 Influenza (Flu) Season Vaccine is available at CBD Doctors Melbourne!

Have you had your flu shot yet?

All Australians benefit from having a yearly flu vaccination – whilst groups such as pregnant women, children, 65+ year olds and those with chronic diseases are those most at risk, it is also recommended that other healthy people are immunized to avoid the spread of the flu. The symptoms of flu include onset of fever, headaches, aches and pains and coughing/sneezing – but can also cause death particularly to those at risk

This year 2020 is particularly important because Covid- 19 pandemic.  There is no vaccine to prevent Covid-19, but there is one for flu, which is recommended EVERY year. It is different every year and this year’s vaccine is different.

Side effects of vaccine are minimal compared to severity of symptoms and complications of flu.

You can book your vaccine online by clicking here.


From 1 May 2020, all aged care workers and visitors must have been vaccinated against seasonal influenza to enter an aged care facility.

There is also a suggestion that some individual at risk may benefit from the second dose of vaccine three months later (to be confirmed later in the season)

The National Immunisation Program provides free vaccines to those most at risk, including:

  • pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy;
  • all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged six months and older;
  • people aged 65 years and older;
  • people aged six months and older with certain medical risk factors; and
  • for the first time, all children aged between six months and five years.

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