Q Fever Vaccinations at CBD Doctors Melbourne

  • Q Fever Vaccinations at CBD Doctors Melbourne

Q fever is an infection caused by Coxiella burnetii, a type of bacterium found worldwide except New Zealand. The infection is almost always related to direct or indirect contact with animals such as cattle, sheep or goats. Infection in other animals is probably common, but animals usually do not appear to be ill. CBD Doctors Melbourne offers pre-vaccination blood and skin testing as well as Q Fever vaccinations.

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About Q Fever Vaccinations

  • How is Q Fever spread?

    Usually, Q fever is an occupational disease of meat workers, farmers and veterinarians.

    The Q fever bacterium passes into milk, urine, faeces and birth products of infected animals.  Q fever pathogens are resistant to heat, drying and common disinfectants allowing them to survive for long periods in the environment.

    Infection of humans usually occurs by inhalation of contaminated air particles.  Contaminated clothing, wool, hides or straw may also be a source of infection. Spreading of the disease from person-to-person is extremely unlikely.

  • What we offer

    A Q fever vaccine is available in Australia and is 83% to 100% effective in preventing the disease. Prior to immunisation, a blood and a skin test is performed to see if the individual has previously been exposed to Q Fever (either naturally or by previous vaccination)  as vaccinating those already exposed to Q fever can result in severe reactions.

    CBD Doctors Melbourne provides Q fever blood and skin tests. Provided the patient has not been previously exposed to Q fever, a follow up appointment is made a week later in order to administer the Q fever vaccine.  Your doctor at CBD Doctors Melbourne will then upload your immunisation status to the Australian Q Fever registry.

    The Q fever vaccine can only be given to individuals 15 years of age and over.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s involved with a Pre-Employment Medical?

    The candidate/employee will be provided with a questionnaire, which they will go through in detail with our nurse and doctor. Once this is completed any further identified or required testing will be performed. Certified reporting with all the credentials of our clinic and the consulting practitioner will be provided to the employee or management in a timely manner.

    All records will be kept on file securely and always adhering to minimum privacy and security recommendations adhered to in Australia. We are also able to work in with anyone’s required schedule provided that this is discussed prior to the consultation with our admin staff. In some case the test could be made available while the employee waits.

  • Why are Pre-Employment Medicals necessary?

    Firstly, we all want to be as informed as possible about the health and wellness of our organisation. We want to hire quality staff of high ability, efficiency and minimum overall standard of health. We can all soldier through tough periods and meet deadlines through sickness and adversity, but the health of an organisation is impacted long term if indeed our employees are forced to compromise for periods of time or even regular periods every year.

    Not only do we want to employ healthy people, but we want them to stay healthy and ultimately productive. Lesser sick days, lesser work cover claims and lesser absenteeism will increase productivity by default and protect your organisation. We want them to be met with high OH&S standards and let them know that we want to look after their health.

    Organisational culture is a huge part of this, poor overall mental health is the quiet the productivity killer and if we don’t have our finger on our company pulse on an ongoing basis we can really put undue pressure on everyone. A happy employee that is feeling looked after is an employee that will look after their employer.

    Psychological Assessments, Functional Capacity tests and Executive Health Assessments are all ways to meet best practice standards and give a lift to our organisation.

  • What to expect from your medical assessment?

    Depending on the individual and the role description, we will tailor an assessment for your employee. A questionnaire will be sent to you and this will be gone through in detail with our Practice Nurse and the Doctor to ensure a set of further test is flagged. They will then undergo on the spot and off-site testing within 2-3 hours of their arrival.

    Following up once tests and relevant summaries have arrived to our clinic, we will identify areas which may need addressing or treatment and convey these to your employee with the performance of any follow up testing or examination if something does arise.

    A third session is left as a possibility if there is any further monitoring that has been ordered as a result of the second session. A full report is written up for all interested parties to keep. On request a copy is also sent to the employees General Practitioner to have on file. The Doctors are made available to convey anything queried by their doctor as a measure of courtesy and continuity.

  • What Benefits Do Fitness for Duty Assessments offer?

    Whether it’s to show them you care, minimise your premiums or just learn about your OH&S protocols, a Fit-to-work assessment is a sound plan to any workplace injury. What may seem like a drop in the ocean of expenses is really designed for the benefits of the employee and the employer. It is always advised to double check whether it is absolutely necessary and we are happy to provide you with our recommendations and what it would cost with no obligation.

    Get a Report Filled With Our Findings

    We do not only give advice and treatment, we also provide you with a full written report of our findings. Our specific recommendations are offered, and we will even help you implement them.


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