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Phone Doctor Consultations


Bulk billed (No Gap) Phone and Video Consultations at CBD Doctors Melbourne


At CBD Doctors Melbourne we continue to provide face-to-face consultations under strict infection control guidelines.

CBD Doctors Melbourne now provide video and telephone consultations, which are bulk-billed for most issues – endeavoring to help you if you are sick, require evaluation, sick certificates, and prescriptions.

  • If you would like to have an appointment at CBD Doctors Melbourne please call 03 9077 9912
  • If you would like to have a TeleHealth/Phone or Video consultation  please use our online booking system

We have introduced Phone and Video TeleHealth consultations to bridge the gap for those that require a consultation with a doctor – even if you have never been to CBD Doctors Melbourne. Our services may also specifically be of help to those who live or work in the City of Melbourne.

We offer no gap / bulk-billed consultations for most types of issues (excluding shared care maternity and some other types of consultations – check with Reception if you are uncertain).  Certificates, documentation and prescriptions can be forwarded via email, fax or post where applicable.  Simply book a tele or video consultation and one of our doctors will contact you close to the time that you booked.

Please note you can still book face to face consultation as a follow up or for more complex needs.

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