Shared Care (Maternity) at CBD Doctors Melbourne

Shared care is an arrangement between a birthing hospital or other birth setting and a local practitioner, usually a GP. CBD Doctors Melbourne now has two female GPs offering shared care appointments.

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Maternity Shared Care at CBD Doctors Melbourne

  • What Maternity Share Care do we provide?

    Here at CBD Doctors Melbourne we are committed to providing high quality Maternity Shared Care with a focus on the woman and her baby. We place a strong emphasis continuity of care between the woman and her doctor at all stages of pregnancy, birth and in the months that follow. GP obstetricians provide pregnancy care to women at the clinic, as well as post natal care and support.

    The GP Obstetricians (GPO) at CBD Doctors Melbourne all have the DRANZCOG Advanced qualification from the RANZCOG and work closely with the consultant obstetricians and midwives within various Hospital within the Melbourne metropolitan area.

  • Early Stages of Pregnancy

    Initially a pregnancy needs to be confirmed to be alive and in the correct location, and an assessment made as to whether there are any features of the woman’s health that requires specific and personalized care.  Your doctor performs this assessment by asking many questions about a woman’s current health, medical history, family history and social situation, performing a physical examination and by ordering specific tests including blood, urine and ultrasound scans.

    It is recommended that this assessment occurs in the first few months of pregnancy, usually around eight to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and we recommend a longer appointment booking for this “new ante-natal” visit.

  • What to expect throughout the Pregnancy

    It would then be common to see women monthly until 28 weeks of pregnancy, then fortnightly until 36 weeks of pregnancy. Finally, women are seen weekly until the baby is born. These “review” antenatal visits require a routine 15 minute appointment booking.

    At the first visit after 20 weeks of pregnancy and around 35 weeks of pregnancy, longer appointments are recommended for specific pregnancy care planning, to organize booking in to the hospital, make referrals for additional care or services as necessary, and to discuss a woman’s preparation and choices for birth and her hospital stay.

    All care relating to birth – whether this includes spontaneous labour, an induction of labour or an elective Caesarean section, will likely occur at at the patients hospital of choice. It is normal for a woman’s regular GP obstetrician to provide her hospital based care, with the Shared Care GP available to confer with the obstetrician if required.  Shared Cared Doctors at CBD Doctors Melbourne work very closely with the other doctors providing maternity care at the patients hospital of choice.

    All women will have access to continuous midwifery care during labour.

  • Post Natal (Post-Birth) Care

    We recommend a follow up visit at the clinic between 4 weeks post birth. The purpose of this visit is to ensure that mother, baby and family are doing well, to follow up any issues arising from the birth, and to identify and address any early postnatal issues.  The initial consultation of the baby is bulk billed (provided they are registered for Medicare) – and can receive their 4 weeks immunizations at this time, as well as being provided an immunisation and check up schedule for the new addition to you family.

    CBD Doctors Melbourne is committed to ensuring that the mother and baby are thriving, that preventative care is up to date and that any issues or concerns are addressed.

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