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The 2021 Influenza (Flu) Season Vaccine is available at CBD Doctors Melbourne soon

All Australians benefit from having a yearly flu vaccination.

Whilst groups such as pregnant women, children, 65+ year olds and those with chronic diseases are those most at risk, it is also recommended that other healthy people are immunized to avoid the spread of the flu.

The symptoms of flu include onset of fever, headaches, aches and pains and coughing/sneezing but can also cause death particularly to those at risk (Influenza claimed the lives of 1,255 Australians in 2017).

The 2021 seasonal flu vaccines is not ready yet. It usually becomes available in March, but due to COVID-19 pandemic this year may be different.

WE STILL NEED TO RECEIVE  THE INFLUENZA VACCINE. This is despite the rate of seasonal flu being very low last year due to measures that we had implemented in preventing COVID-19 from spreading- hand hygiene, social distancing, masks and avoiding social gatherings.

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We are expecting to receive our first batch of flu vaccines in late March.

Please note: YOU WILL NEED BOTH VACCINES: COVID-19 vaccine and flu vaccine. They can’t be given on the same day! Vaccines must be given at least two weeks apart. That means that you will need to see your doctor three times this year. We recommend that once you book first vaccine, you put next one in in your diary.

At CBD Doctors Melbourne, we will try to make your appointments as smooth and as quick as possible. Our nurses and doctors will be involved with each patient and we will provide you more information on both vaccines via e mails and on our website.


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