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Full Body Skin Cancer Checks at CBD Doctors Melbourne

CBD Doctors Melbourne Mole Mapping

With the warmer months approaching we recommend that everyone gets their health checked including getting their skin checked. Regardless of whether you have one or many moles having a skin check done is beneficial.

Mole mapping at CBD Doctors Melbourne

We now provide mole mapping at CBD Doctors Melbourne in addition to our existing skin checks. Mole mapping skin checks are designed for patients with a high risk of getting skin cancer.

High risk patients include:

  • Previous history of melanoma – if you have been diagnosed with melanoma, your risk of developing another one is 9 times higher
  • Family history – your risk doubles if your first degree relative had melanoma
  • Large number of lesions – if you have more than 100 nevi (moles) – the risk of melanoma increases by 7 times
  • Atypical nevi (atypical moles) – people with more than 5 atypical nevi, the risk of melanoma is 6 times higher

The process at CBD Doctors Melbourne is smooth and includes a full body examination by one of our doctors. If needed, and if desired by the patient, the doctor will proceed to conduct a mole mapping skin check.

Our mole mapping skin checks use the latest automated technology using artificial intelligence in the early diagnosis of skin cancer. The technology has the capacity to memorise and compare sequential images.

During the consultation our doctors will educate you on self-examination, and provide you with information to take home and reference.

Our doctors can also provide a written report for your personal records.

Please note that an hour is recommended for the consultation.

Cost $300. A Medicare rebate of $110 is available for Medicare card holders.

If you have any questions or need any help, please call CBD Doctors Melbourne on (03) 9077 9912,  or book an appointment.



CBD Doctors Melbourne Skin Check


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