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More than one million Australians are diagnosed with an iron deficiency. Those affected by low iron may suffer from lowered immunity, frequent headaches and other related medical issues. CBD Doctors Melbourne offers Iron Infusions as a service to both patients of the clinic and those referral from external practitioners, providing a quick and effective aid with our experienced doctors and nursing team.

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About Iron Infusions

  • About Iron Deficiency

    Iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia are common conditions treated in general practice. They can be cause of many symptoms particularly chronic tiredness.  For sufferers of anxiety symptoms may worsen if iron deficiency coincides.

    Apart from using iron supplements to treat there is also a need to investigate the reasons behind why a person is low in iron. Women are more often low in iron than men due to regular blood loss through periods. Gastrointestinal diseases and chronic blood loss are also seen commonly.

    Over last decade the process of iron supplementation or replacement was completely different due to iron products that were used intravenously had high rate of allergies. Patients needed to have pre-medications and stay in hospital day units.

  • What we offer

    At CBD Doctors Melbourne we provide infusions for iron deficiency and iron deficiency anaemia.

    It is a short procedure where we inject iron carboxymaltase intravenously over 30 minutes. We not only provide infusions for our patients, but we are happy to take referrals from other general practitioners and specialists.

    If you are low in iron and can’t tolerate tablets, please talk to your GP who will refer you to our team.  They will talk to you about possible causes and provide your latest blood test results.

    Please call us to make an appointment.

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