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Q fever is an infection caused by Coxiella burnetii, a type of bacterium found worldwide except New Zealand. The infection is almost always related to direct or indirect contact with animals such as cattle, sheep or goats. Infection in other animals is probably common, but animals usually do not appear to be ill. CBD Doctors Melbourne offers pre-vaccination blood and skin testing as well as Q Fever vaccinations.

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About Q Fever Vaccinations

  • How is Q Fever spread?

    Usually the Q Fever bacteria passes into milk, urine and faeces of infected animals and during birthing, large numbers of organisms are shed in the birth products. Q fever organisms are resistant to heat, drying and many common disinfectants, allowing them to survive for long periods in the environment.

    Infection of humans usually occurs by inhalation of the bacteria in air carrying dust contaminated by dried placental material, birth fluids, urine or faeces of infected herd animals. Contaminated clothing, wool, hides or straw may also be a source of infection. Spreading of the disease from person-to-person is extremely unlikely.

    Usually, Q fever is an occupational disease of meat workers, farmers and veterinarians (vets).

  • What we offer

    A Q fever vaccine is available in Australia and is 83 to 100% effective in preventing the disease. However, the vaccine can only be given to individuals 15 years of age and over. Prior to immunisation, a blood and a skin test is recommended to see if the individual has previously been exposed to Q Fever – either naturally or by previous vaccination. Vaccinating those already exposed to Q fever can result in severe reactions.

    CBD Doctors Melbourne provides Q Fever pre-immunisation blood and skin tests. Provided the patient has not been previously exposed to Q Fever a follow up appointment is made for a week post testing in order to give the Q Fever vaccine.  Your doctor at CBD Doctors Melbourne will then upload your immunisation status to the Australian Q Fever registry.

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